Kamis, 11 Agustus 2016

What is Unbearable? Evaluating States of Cognitive & Functional Debility with Statistical Rigor

Emily Rubin and colleagues surveyed 180 patients who had been admitted to a hospital in Philadelphia suffering from serious illnesses, including lung and heart disease. All participants were over 60, and were asked to hypothesize whether they would prefer to die than be in progressively worse states. 

The study in JAMA Internal Medicine and reported in the Economist,  shows, half or more said that they would consider being incontinent, being unable to get out of bed or relying on a breathing machine to stay alive as fates worse than death. Being so debilitated that they were reliant on food delivered via a tube, were constantly confused or required round-the-clock care were judged similarly by a third or more of respondents.

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