Kamis, 04 Agustus 2016

Baby Dinah - When Parents Are the Wrong Decision Makers

Normally, when clinicians need consent for medical treatment for a minor, the

parents provide that consent.  They are the natural surrogates for their children.

But just as other types of surrogate can and should be replaced when they deviate from applicable decision making standards, so too should parents be replaced when they fail to act in their children's best interests.

Dinah Paige Whited has been on life support since April, when police say her father severely injured her. She was only seven weeks old at the time.  Her father has been charged with injuring her so badly that the girl suffered bleeding on the brain, two broken collar bones and breaks in every rib but three. Her mother is charged with neglecting to protect the little girl. Both remain in jail.  (HT: Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Appropriately,  the court-appointed attorney for Baby Dinah has submitted a motion asking a court to order that the infant be removed from life support.

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