Rabu, 25 Mei 2016

Beppino Englaro Wins Judgment for Unwanted Treatment

Three years ago, I published "Clinicians May Not Administer Life-Sustaining

Treatment Without Consent: Civil, Criminal, and Disciplinary Sanctions."  

My main point was that while the risk of legal penalties for administering unwanted life-sustaining treatment is perceived to be very low, in fact the risk is significant.

Here is one new example.  In 1992, Eluana Englaro entered a persistent vegetative state after a car accident.  Her father directed the removal of life-sustaining treatment.  But even after winning court judgments, the Lombardy administrative region of Italy refused.

Last month, a court awarded Eluana's father 150,000 Euros for not respecting Eluana's right to refuse treatment.  

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