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Aspen Health Strategy Group Seeks YOUR Idea for Improving End-of-Life Care

Former DHHS secretaries Kathleen Sebelius and Tommy Thompson are co-chairs of the newly formed Aspen Health Strategy Group (AHSG). The Aspen Health Strategy Group comprises 24 senior leaders across influential sectors such as health, business, media, technology, tasked with providing recommendations on important and complex health issues to promote improvements in policy and practice.

Submit Your Big Idea Big on End-of-Life Care

Each year AHSG will tackle one issue for a year-long, in depth study. The first topic is how to improve end of life care. Do you have ideas to address this issue? Submit them to Aspen by May 20.  

What Is a Big Idea

A useful big idea will be specific about what should happen and who should do it. It will provide a rationale for the action and describe what would happen if it were implemented. Source documents, background research and cost estimates are optional, but they will help make your case.

They should be "big" – as in meaningful and bold – and "ideas" as in reflecting thought and not just an exhortation that someone do something they should be doing already. Ideas will be judged on creativity, feasibility and the completeness of details around rationale and potential consequences

Why End-of-Life Care

No topic is more personal than end-of-life care, an issue that impacts all of us. Care toward the end of life reflects the best and worst of American healthcare: amazing medical advances delivered by dedicated clinicians, but reflecting the fragmentation of the health system, its high costs, and its resistance to incorporating patient preferences.

How do we honor the oft-stated desire to “die with dignity?” How do hospitals and other healthcare settings prepare to make sure people’s wishes are honored and their medical, social, and spiritual needs are met? How do we help people have effective conversations about this highly sensitive, and sometimes politicized, topic? What is the role of public policy in improving end-of-life care? 

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