Jumat, 03 Juli 2015

The End of Life Liberty Project

For Independence Day weekend, I am happy to announce that:

The Disability Rights Legal Center (DRLC) recently expanded its agenda to include The End of Life Liberty Project, to protect and expand the liberties of persons approaching end of life, engaging a broad range of advocacy to ensure that  wishes regarding end of life care are respected.


  • DRLC  advocates for broad end of life choice including the option of aid in dying, and is spearheading such litigation in CA, NY and NM.

  • DRLC is developing cases against providers who ignore, and impose treatment in conflict with, patient wishes, under the federal False Claims Act, asserting that a provider who seeks reimbursement for such is submitting a false claim.

  • DRLC consults on cases where patient wishes for further/continued  life prolonging treatment are being, or were,  ignored.

DRLC welcomes referrals or the opportunity to confer on any such matters.

DRLC continues its 40 year tradition of traditional disability rights work as well.

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